Photography by Julie Livingston

Meet Lindsay //

"Chase the light, whatever and wherever it may be for you. Chase it." 

My name is Lindsay Connors, and I am a wedding and portrait photographer living in my farmhouse inspired apartment in Boston, MA.

Photography is my passion, and has been a profound blessing in my life. My heart has always been eager to capture and share the stories of people. People I know, people I don't know, and people I want to know. It is the day-to-day moments with those who join us on this journey of life that come to define us. 

My sessions focus on human connectedness, which I try to highlight using natural light to illuminate the beauty of session locations. Neutral color palettes, sun-kissed subjects, soft light, and in-between moments inspire me.

When I started my business two years ago, I embraced the metaphor of “chasing the light." Each day since, I have found more and more truth in that phrase. I am constantly chasing the light, often scheduling my sessions during dusk or dawn.  

I want to hear your story! Be it a proposal to your best friend, a day in the life with your family, or anything in between, let me help you capture your light in those moments that matter with the ones who mean the most.


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